The Masif Machine, followed by Europe’s and the World’s developing technology closely. Our scissor lifts are domestic production. We have sales, renting and aftersale services for working platforms.

Domestic producing scissor lifts dream comes to our past experience and strengths. We aim to be leader in this sector by our corporate structure.

As standart production, you can access to height you need with 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 mt. battery powered, self propelled or manually 220V powered scissor lifts by MSF series.

Customers who wish to use rental services, we present our product MSF series platforms and the world known company brands Genie’s platform. 




Work areas for our vehicles

Shopping center

Factory maintenence Works

High-rise buildings

Decoration, cleaning, lighting Works

Narrow worksplaces

Construction sites and can be approached by car


To enable us to reach areas such as professional and safe manner.


Battery powered scissor lifts

MSF Battery powered scissor lifts

Diesel scissors lifts


Aerial articulated platforms